7 Foolproof Ways to Show Mom You Love her this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a most special occasion, where we set aside a whole day to honor and celebrate the remarkable women who raised us. Moms love waking up to the pitter patter of their children’s little feet, enthusiastically delivering their humble hand-made gifts they put their hearts into making. No matter how old we get, that bond between mother and child never fades. So keep the love alive this year (and every year), and show mom how much you appreciate her with a beautiful gift or thoughtful gesture to lift her spirits and fill her with gratitude. 
#1: Give the Gift of Cleanliness
We all know the number one thing guaranteed to give mom peace of mind is a clean home. How many times did mom ask us to tidy up our room, bring our dishes to the sink, help out with chores? I’m sure we all took that for granted as we became adults dealing with our own pile of dishes or mountain of dirty laundry. So make mom’s life easier by helping out with some cleaning around the house. Or, hire an assistant to do the work for you! And we’re not talking about a housekeeper. The Kalorik Home Robot Vacuum with Ionic Air Purification will tackle messes before she even knows they are there, and it’s the perfect gift for mom. Not only does it leave your floors spotless, it cleans your air too! Ionic Pure Air technology harnesses the power of negative ions which magnetically attract airborne pollutants to remove them from the air mom breathes. For a more upgraded version with Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control for the modern mom, check out the Kalorik HUVI® Robot Vacuum R1 with Self-Emptying Station
#2: Recharge Her Batteries
Power up mom’s morning with the good stuff to fuel her through her day. A nutritious vitality-boosting smoothie is the perfect way to get mom charged up and ready to take on whatever the day brings. You can whip up a delicious smoothie in seconds with the Kalorik 8-Piece Nutrition Blender Set or the Kalorik® 8-Piece Nutrition Blender Set 1500W Power, on sale for 20% off for Mother’s Day. Try the Homemade Berry Breakfast Smoothie or this delicious Steven's Wife's Tropical Pineapple-Mango Oatmeal Smoothie with Coconut for an extra boost of energy. 
#3: Café at Home, Just for Mom
Bring that coffee shop feel to the comfort of mom’s home! If she’s like most mothers, she loves to be woken up to a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea to upgrade her coffee flavor while adding a retro appeal with the Kalorik 10-cup Retro Coffee Maker. If mom is more of a tea drinker, greet her in the AM with a steamy, delightful cup of her favorite tea. Mom can boil water in seconds with the Kalorik®1.7 Liter Digital Temperature Variable Rapid Boil Electric Kettle. You can get the frother, coffee maker, and kettle for 20% off for Mother’s Day.
#4: Surprise Tapas & Finger Food Party
Do something different for mom this year: surprise her with a tapas and finger food themed party! Start with a classic Deviled Eggs recipe. You’ll be pleased with how easy they are to make! Accompany with savory Parmesan Truffle Fries made with the Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer Oven, and Crispy Air-Fried Artichoke Hearts and Bruschetta made in the Kalorik Air Fryer. This Toaster Quesadilla is super easy to make and can be whipped up in just 10 minutes in your Kalorik Retro Toaster (on sale for Mother’s Day). Sliders are always great for a finger food party: try these Falafel Feta Sliders with Homemade Tzaziki for a vegetarian twist. Or meat eaters can enjoy the classic Cheeseburger Sliders. For a little touch of green, “fire up” your Kalorik MAXX® 26 Quart Digital Air Fryer Oven with 9 Accessories (on sale for Mother’s Day) to make these flavorful Grilled Shishito Peppers in less than 8 minutes. Lastly, round it out with something sweet: our Air Fryer Hand Pies are the perfect finger food. This brilliant golden, flaky handheld pastry is bursting with delightful tangy sweetness mom will adore.
#5: Breakfast in Bed
Alas, the classic breakfast in bed. There’s no greater way to make mom feel like royalty than serving up a hearty delicious Sunday brunch right to her sleeping sanctuary. Presentation is everything — arrange it beautifully so mom feels extra special! Serve up this delicious Garden Frittata stuffed with fresh seasonal veggies. Or, for a more indulgent option, this Croque Madame is oozing with richness. Make it with the Kalorik® Multi-Purpose Waffle, Grill and Sandwich Maker. Or, keep it simple with a delicious yet impressive artisanal toast. Spread Nutella on freshly toasted bread and top with sliced strawberries, banana, kiwi, or fruit of your choice. For more brunch ideas at home, explore our full collection of breakfast recipes.