Meet Your MAXX!

All Your Questions Answered

If you recently purchased the Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer Oven or are considering snagging one of these meal-making powerhouses, you might have a few questions. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, so you can better understand the amazing cooking possibilities MAXX has to offer.


The MAXX is a multifunctional, high-performance air fryer oven which combines 9 appliances into one. Equipped with a patented hot airflow system, the MAXX is able to cook a variety of foods in a fraction of the time.

The MAXX cooks food 25-30% faster than leading air fryers and air fryer ovens, and up to 75% faster than some regular ovens. Be sure to adjust your cooking times accordingly when not using recipes created specifically for the MAXX.

The MAXX reaches up to 500°F, allowing you to sear and caramelize steaks to perfection in a matter of minutes.

Functions and Presets

● Rotate: Use this function with the spit accessory. Press the Rotate button to activate Rotisserie mode and start rotating the spit. The constant rotation allows foods to cook in their own juices, remaining moist and evenly roasted.

● Light: This turns the oven light on or off and can be pressed at any time during cooking. The light turns off automatically after one minute. Opening the French doors will also turn on the lights so you can easily check in on your foods.

● Selector dial: Use this dial to select your desired preset or adjust cooking time and temperature. Turn to scroll and press to select.

● Air Fry: The Air Fry button gives you access to 14 presets to air fry all your favorite foods. Use the selector dial to choose your desired preset. Adjust time and temperature as needed.

● Oven: This button lets you use the unit as a conventional oven and gives you access to 7 cooking modes. Use the selector dial to select your desired cooking mode. Adjust time and temperature as needed.

● Start/Stop: This button turns the unit on and off. This is how you start the cooking cycle once you’ve selected your desired settings, and how you stop it if you want to end the cooking cycle.

Presets are programs with predefined time and temperature settings, designed to ensure perfect cooking results for a wide variety of dishes. The MAXX offers 21 presets that can be individually customized by the user. To adjust the presets, press the selector knob and turn to adjust to your desired value. Press the dial again to validate your setting.

The Rotisserie function rotates the included spit accessory to make succulent roasted chicken, turkey, pork, kebabs, and more. Simply press the Rotate button to activate the motor and the spit will automatically start spinning. You can also add the Rotisserie to any preset. Just press the Rotisserie button on the control panel anytime to activate it. The Rotisserie function automatically turns on under the Chicken preset, which was made specifically for cooking a whole rotisserie chicken.


The MAXX comes with 9 accessories including an air frying basket, baking pan, air rack, crumb tray, bacon tray, steak/dehydrator tray, rotisserie spit, rack handle and rotisserie handle.

The 2-in-1 steak and dehydrator tray is optimized for use with the Steak preset. To cook a perfectly seared steak, place the tray on top of the baking/drip pan and insert into the upper rack position (where STEAK is written on the door). The Steak preset includes 5 minutes of preheating time and a total 8 minutes of cooking time (4 minutes per side). Cook a perfect medium-well steak in just 13 minutes. You can adjust cooking time as needed for a rarer or more well-done steak. You may use this accessory for chops, chicken, seafood, and veggies as well.

You can also use the steak/dehydrator tray with the Dehydration function to dehydrate all types of foods including fruits, vegetables, and meat for jerky. Place food in a thin single layer on the tray with no overlap. Slide into the dehydrator slot at the very top of the MAXX and select the Defrost/dehydrate function. Set the temperature to 130°F and time to 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can add time or adjust temperature as needed.

Place the bacon tray on the baking/drip pan to drain grease from bacon, sausages or hot dogs while they cook.

The maximum size chicken would be 6 lbs, 9.5” in length, and 6” in height. Note that this measurement applies only when using the rotisserie spit. In order to properly fix the chicken to the rotisserie spit, you will need to truss the chicken with butcher’s twine or other cotton string (never nylon) so the chicken stays fixed on the spit. The chicken preset is calibrated for a rotisserie chicken of about 4 ½ lbs. You can add time as needed for larger chickens. The MAXX will also fit a turkey of up to 12 pounds when it is placed directly on the baking tray on the bottom slot using AIR FRYING mode.

Yes. Results will vary depending on the height you place the racks in the oven. Rack position suggestions are provided in the user manual and recommendations are printed on the doors of the oven. Air frying, for example, is best done on the 3rd or 4th slot as this places foods close enough to the heating elements and fan to achieve the crispy goodness of fried foods. Toasting is best on the 2nd slot, as this provides adequate spacing between the top and bottom heating elements of the Oven functions for perfectly golden-brown toast and bagels. Baking cakes and loaves is best on the bottom, as the heat distribution from the top and bottom heating elements is calibrated to prevent cakes from burning inside the oven.

The black coating on the baking pan/drip tray is made from chip and scratch-resistant hard enamel that does not contain any PTFE or PFOA. All accessories can be washed in the dishwasher, except the sliding crumb tray. This can be washed by hand. If possible, place the baking pan/drip tray on the lowest slot when using the air frying basket to catch any grease or juice drippings and make cleanup easier.

Yes. You can use any oven-safe cookware, so long as it fits inside the MAXX. Do not place directly on top of the heating elements.

No it will not. The MAXX will, however, fit a 12” x 12.5” baking sheet.


When using the Air Fry function and presets you do not need to preheat the MAXX. When using any of the Oven modes — Bake, Broil, Pastry, Pizza, or Roast — we recommend preheating the MAXX for 5 minutes at the desired temperature to achieve optimal results. As soon as the preset light stops blinking, you’re ready to go. When using the Steak function, you should preheat the MAXX for 5 minutes and make sure the steak stray is placed inside the unit during preheating to enhance caramelization and optimize the cooking process.

Simply press the “Start/Stop” button for 3 seconds at any time. Otherwise, the MAXX automatically powers off once cooking is complete.

Yes. For best results, it is preferable to shake or flip your food about halfway through cooking when using the Air Fry function and presets. When cooking with any of the Oven modes, such as Pizza, we recommend using heat-resistant gloves to rotate the food, pan, or rack 180° to ensure even cooking.

We suggest you not run the MAXX for more than two continuous hours without pauses. However, that time can be extended in the case of dehydrating, as the oven will be operating at a lower temperature. Most presets allow for a 90 minute cooking time, which can be adjusted or added to during the cooking process by pressing the selector dial.

Safety & Precautions

No, the gap between the French doors is a part of the design and will not affect the hot airflow system or impact the results of your cooking in any way. 

The MAXX was engineered to produce little to no smoke. Additionally, the baking/drip pan was designed to prevent juices and grease drips from hitting the lower heating elements. It is recommended to frequently clean the inside of the unit to remove crumbs, baked-on foods, and old grease and prevent any possible smoke formation.

Note you may observe some harmless smoke or odor when using the appliance for the first time. We recommend operating the appliance for 20 minutes using the Steak function before using for the first time to eliminate any packing oil that may remain after production.

The MAXX can sometimes produce steam or vapor, particularly when cooking foods high in moisture. Once cooking is complete, simply let the oven cool down and wipe the glass doors clean with a towel or cloth.

Never cover or store items on top of the MAXX while in use. Doing so could disrupt the airflow system from working properly, degrade the performance of the appliance, and create a fire hazard. Always leave enough space around the appliance (6 inches recommended) to allow for proper airflow and avoid damage.

Care and Troubleshooting

It is highly recommended to clean the MAXX after each use. Cleaning regularly prevents accumulation of grease and helps avoid unpleasant smells. Do not use metal kitchen utensils or abrasive cleaning materials, as this may damage the non-stick coating. When the MAXX has cooled, you may clean the inside using a damp paper towel or cloth. Be sure to unplug the machine when doing so to avoid electric shock. Rinse and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

No. The measurements can currently only be displayed in Fahrenheit.

Different foods, as well as different quantities of food, can sometimes produce different results than what was originally tested and measured. Should this happen, you may need to adjust cooking time and temperature accordingly. We have provided a table of basic foods and meals to help gauge how long different foods need to be cooked in the MAXX. These suggested times and temperatures are indicatory only, and may need to be adjusted depending on the size, quantity, and type of food you are cooking.