Love your MAXX? Get ready to love it some more! MAXXimize your culinary creations with these easy-to-use accessory sets for perfect #MAXXMade dishes. Expand your Kalorik kitchen with the Rotating Set, Baking Set, Dehydrating Set and Pizza Set all made for MAXX to take your meals to the next level!

Enter for your chance to win all four MAXX Accessory Sets, now through May 21 at 11:59 pm!

Bake It ‘Til You Make It Set

6-Piece Baking Set includes one 6-cup muffin pan, one cookie sheet, one loaf pan, one square cake pan, and two heat-resistant oven mitts

Ride or Dry Set

The Kalorik MAXX “Ride or Dry” 7-Piece Food Dehydrator Set comes with three stainless-steel dehydrator trays, a pair of tongs, a silicone mat and two oven mitts.

Tower of Pizza Set

The Kalorik MAXX “Tower of Pizza” 6-Piece Pizza Set includes a pizza stone, deep-dish pizza pan, pizza cutter, pizza peel, and 2 oven mitts.

Boast Your Roast Set

The Kalorik MAXX “Boast Your Roast” 2-Piece Rotisserie Set includes a rotating rotisserie basket and skewer set, optimized for use with the MAXX’s Rotisserie function.