Rotisserie Chicken



  • Janita f.

    I tied my chicken legs and wings so it would turn better

  • James

    Folks….I have a 4 lb 12 ounce chicken spinning on my rotisserie right now. Tying the knots to properly tress it sucks (damned near impossible without help, but I did it. Accusing the folks who produce this oven of misleading is wrong. It is a small, affordable it fryer. Red the directions, and follow them. OR go out and spend 3X as much for a bigger fryer that will make life easier for you.

  • George

    U can’t cook a chicken on the rotisserie because the chicken hits its a flaw in your oven

  • Mary M

    Looks good but what lb chicken equals 1/2 chicken?

  • Cheryl Keith

    I’m very unsatisfied I tried to rotisserie a 4 pound chicken couldn’t do it cause u can’t lower or make the slots either way misleading ur customers is not good for buisness