• Cerise Karpinski

    To spatchcock a chicken means to make it lay flat to be able to cook it in your Kalorik air fry oven. You take your kitchen shears and cut out the spine. Then you press down on it with your hands & put pressure on it until you hear a crack. This allows the chicken to lay flat for even cooking.

  • Patricia Norris

    No need to call names..
    I am lost at using this oven. Which 2 pans do I use for the chicken recipe
    70 and still learning.

  • Eric Clink

    Wow,I can’t believe people are really this ignorant.Do some research.

  • Lisa Olsen

    Spatchcock?? Really? Never heard that word before. Whatever happened to posting recipes that are useful and easy to understand? Looks like I’m on my own to learn how to use this Kalorik tool.

  • Debbie Logeman

    I would love to try this recipe but when you say rotisserie chicken is it a cooked store bought chicken or a uncooked whole chicken?Thanking you in advance.