How To Make the Perfect Cappuccino At Home

Homemade Cappuccino with the Kalorik Milk Frother
Dreaming of the perfect cappuccino? Skip coffeehouse lines and bring this Italian classic home, sans barista! Follow these four simple steps to make the perfectly airy, foamy cappuccino, using your Kalorik Milk Frother. The art of homemade cappuccino is yours!

½ cup of milk of your choice 
2-4 shots of espresso 
Sweetener of your choice, if desired 

1. Add ½ cup of your favorite milk to the carafe in your Kalorik Milk frother. Select the hot milk froth setting and replace lid.

2. While the frother runs, make 2 to 4 shots of espresso, divided evenly between the two cups. Add any desired sweetener to the espresso.

3. Once the frother has stopped running and the light has turned off the milk is ready. Gently tap the carafe several times on the counter and pour perfectly foamed milk over the espresso, making sure to evenly portion the foam. Or, using a spoon to hold back the foam, evenly portion the milk between the two mugs, then gently spoon the foam on top of each mug.

4. Enjoy!

2 servings
10 minutes

Chef’s Tip:
Dust the top of your cappuccino with cinnamon or cocoa powder for an elevated twist! 


  • Dominga MORALES

    I’m looking for the wisk to the kalo9 frother model# SB-092A thank you Dominga

  • Barry Bernsen

    Doesn’t really foam very much using the spring insert.
    What’s the best milk to use?