Easy Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken in the Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer Oven#MAXXMade Rotisserie Chicken: so tasty your head will spin. This easy, homemade Rotisserie Chicken recipe is done in no time when you make it in your Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer Oven. Grab your favorite seasonings and get ready to enjoy this air fryer classic all week long! 

Whole chicken (up to 5 lbs) 
Olive oil 
Seasonings of choice 1 tsp each of paprika, garlic, dried rosemary and oregano, sea salt and pepper 

1. Start by cleaning out the cavity of your whole chicken, removing any giblets from inside.
2. Season your chicken generously with your favorite spices. We like to use the following: olive oil, paprika, garlic, dried rosemary, oregano, sea salt and pepper. 
3. Truss your chicken with butcher’s twine or other cotton string (never nylon) to ensure the chicken stays in the proper position while fixed on the spit.
4. Set up your seasoned chicken on the MAXX rotisserie spit. Use the rotisserie handle to insert the long end of the rotisserie spit into the rotisserie socket of the MAXX on the right side. Once the spit is in the socket, rest the short end of the rod onto the rotisserie notch on the left side. Ensure your chicken is well-balanced and that the spit spins without snagging or grazing any heating elements when it rotates. 
5. Use the chicken function on the MAXX and click Start! 
6. Enjoy! 


  • Joann

    How long do I cook the rotisserie chicken?


    The instructions should include putting the drip tray underneath. The problem is the drip tray did not fit even at the lowest level. It would lift the chicken out of position. Dropping it from off the rotisserie. I tied it as tight as I could. It still would not turn properly with the drip pan in position. I just had new granite and backsplash put in. The drippings soaked into the granite and wicked up into the grout. Next time I will need to put a cookie sheet under the entire oven to avoid this problem.

  • Diane

    I had a hard time trying to tie a chicken for the rotiserrie , then had a hard time putting the end pieces on the spit.

  • Colin Michael

    So what about all of the veggies in the bottom tray as shown in the color photo? Do they go in at the same time as the chicken or???

  • Marcia Tait

    Hi. You don’t mention the temperature or cooking tome for the rotisserie chicken