Dairy-Free Coffee Milkshake

Dairy-Free Coffee Milkshake in the Kalorik Personal Blender

1-2 shots espresso
8 oz non-dairy milk of your choice
1 oz chocolate sauce
Non-dairy whipped cream
Chocolate chips to garnish
Dairy-free chocolate syrup (optional)
Caramel (optional)

Suggested Equipment
Personal Size Blender

1. Combine espresso and milk of your choice in the carafe of your Kalorik Personal Blender. Fill blender with ice until ¾ of the way full.
2. Screw blender blade onto the carafe and blend until smooth.
3. Drip chocolate sauce carefully along the interior rim of your glass and fill with blended coffee shake.
4. Top with non-dairy whipped cream and garnish with chocolate chips. Insert reusable straw and enjoy!

1 servings
10 minutes

Chef’s Tip:
Switch out the chocolate sauce for caramel sauce or your favorite flavored syrup for a simple twist! If you are not avoiding dairy enjoy this recipe with dairy versions of ingredients listed.