Kalorik Launches Limited-Edition Illustrated Air Fryer to Celebrate 90 Year Anniversary

September 9, 2020, North Miami Beach, Florida:  Kalorikthe long-time kitchen and small home appliance manufacturer headquartered in Miamicelebrates 90 years of business and innovation in 2020In honor of this milestone, Kalorik released a limited-edition, artist-designed air fryer on September 4th, 2020.  

For the 90 Years of Kalorik campaign, Kalorik combined its passion for art and design with a humanitarian cause, partnering with a graphic artist and four foodie influencers to develop custom-created artworks — one of which was printed on the limited-edition air fryer. Kalorik is donating a portion of the proceeds to the non-profit organization Feed My Starving Children, giving $10 from each air fryer sold to the charity, enough to provide 40 nutritious meals to hungry children in need. 

"For almost a century, Kalorik has focused on developing innovative appliances that combine advanced technology with user-friendly operation. Our goal is to make cooking easier and more convenient for everyone,” says Uri Murad, CEO.  “With this limited-edition air fryer, we’ve expanded our horizons to incorporate our passion for the arts and aligned ourselves with a humanitarian cause that’s close to our hearts.”  

Celebrating 90 Years of Kalorik

Graphic artist Luiza Lafitte worked closely with each influencer to develop four spectacular designs that captured the essence of what inspires them, and the beautiful nuances that make each of their stories unique. After a fierce contest that called on fans and followers to vote for their favorite design, health and wellness-focused influencer Katie Lemons was selected to have hers printed on the iconic, limited-edition air fryer that launched this Labor Day weekend. Popping with bright spring colors and whimsical, eye-catching imagery, Katie’s design depicts the concepts of reawakening and rebirth, as Lafitte effortlessly conveys the fundamental connection between food and spiritual well-being. 

Throughout the three-week campaign, collaborating influencers shared numerous stories and feed posts to their Instagram accounts. Additionally, Kalorik supported the campaign with Facebook and Instagram ads to increase awareness, drive traffic to the custom landing page, and generate votes and email captures. Kalorik achieved over 1.3 million impressions, reached over 788,000 unique users, and generated over 6,100 vote entries.  

Leading up to the 90th Anniversary sale and release of the limited-edition air fryer, Kalorik partnered again with influencer Katie Lemons, the air fryer design winner, to host a giveaway gifting two winners with the 90th anniversary designed air fryer. The 2-day campaign resulted in a 19% increase in followers for the Kalorik Instagram account and over a thousand contest entries. 

With the launch of the 90th Anniversary air fryer, Kalorik not only honors its past, but looks toward the future of innovation, imagining the many creative possibilities which will inspire the next century of cooking.  



Established in Belgium in 1930, the Kalorik was one of the first small appliance manufacturers in Europe to develop the electric toaster. Since its inception, Kalorik's mission has been to engineer groundbreaking technologies that make life and cooking faster, easier, and healthier. Nearly a century later, Kalorik remains at the forefront of innovation, evolving and adapting its products to fit our ever-changing lifestyles.  


Kalorik's signature air fryers deliver maximum power, performance, and efficiency for home chefs, providing an easy solution for anyone looking to cook delicious, healthy meals in a fraction of the time. Modern and multifunctional, Kalorik air fryers can fry, grill, bake, toast, and roast all your favorite foods and prepare healthy, family-style meals in minutes.