How The Innovative Kalorik Home HUVI Robot Vacuum Cleaner Gets It Done

The days of spending countless hours a week cleaning with a cordless stick vacuum or making a mess changing your vacuum bags are over. Say goodbye to lugging that old-school canister vacuum out of the closet, and say hello to innovative vacuum technology. Handheld vacuums are out, robotic vacuums are in and here to stay! 

Robot vacuums help make your life easier and solve the cleaning struggles we all face on a daily basis. If you find yourself asking "which robot vacuum is the best?" or "are robot vacuums worth it?" then look no further! The HUVI Robot Vacuum cleaner is Kalorik's most powerful robovac yet, featuring a completely hands-free clean that actively works to eliminate life's heavy-duty messes.

The Kalorik Home HUVI is the ultimate tool for in-home cleaning with first-of-its-kind technology to clean, purify, and help sanitize what it collects in its dust container without having to lift a finger. 

HUVI is unique in that it features the “3 Stages of Clean,” a targeted response to home cleaning’s biggest challenges. It is the first and only vacuum to include a true medical-grade HEPA-13 filter, UVC technology, and bipolar ionization. Read more and find out how HUVI can simplify your life and make your home a clean space.

HUVI's HEPA Filter Helps Fight Allergy Season


That bouquet gifted to you by a friend, Fido’s near-constant shedding, dust, dirt, hard-to-reach areas under furniture, even smoke, are no longer problems. HUVI’s medical-grade HEPA-13 filter is a type of mechanical air filter that works by forcing air through a fine mesh. HUVI's filter traps 99.95% of small particles ≥ 0.2 microns, removing these allergens from your home. 

Finally! Put those allergy meds back in the medicine cabinet where they belong, say goodbye to allergic reactions and the allergy symptoms they cause.

How UVC Technology Helps to Sanitize Viruses and Bacteria


Everyone wants a clean home. On average, a carpet carries around 400,000 bacteria per square inch. Given our current environment, and the precautions all of us are taking, the HUVI Robot Vacuum cleaner is at the forefront of technology. 

HUVI has a patent-pending UVC light in the dust container which disinfects collected contents, including 99.99% of E. coli and over 99% of the human coronavirus. This feature has the added benefit of allowing you to empty your dust container, yes the HUVI is a bagless vacuum cleaner, without recirculating germ-ridden debris back into your home. Now you can rest easy and ensure you have a healthy environment for your loved ones, as UVC technology is not harmful to humans or pets.  

Breathe In Clean Air with HUVI's Bipolar Ionization


While many of us don’t think twice about the air we breathe, breathing is one of life’s essentials! HUVI’s state-of-the-art bipolar ionization technology works to purify the air you breathe, much like an air purifier. This process fills the air with positive and negative ions surrounding airborne pathogens and drops them to the floor for HUVI to pick up as it cleans. 

Innovative bipolar ionization technology on this robovac improves air quality like never before. With the added benefit of clean air, you are now safe to follow your yoga instructor’s advice — “Breathe in and breathe out!”

Here are some of HUVI’s other features that set it apart from the rest:

Superior Suction to Pick Up Any Mess


Has your family come in from a day of hiking, trekking half the trail into your living room? Don't worry. Say hello to a spotless clean, courtesy of HUVI. 

The HUVI Robot Vacuum features incredible advances in power. Its superior 2600PA powerful suction means HUVI captures more dirt with every pass than many other robotic vacuums. Watch as it leaves other competitors in the dust, we mean dirt! 

110 Minutes of Runtime


The best vacuum is one that saves you time and energy. Robotic vacuums can save owners as much as 110 hours of cleaning a year, or about 2 hours each week. HUVI has an entire 110 minutes of runtime on medium suction mode — you might call its battery life and runtime system a robo vac marathon! Set HUVI to clean for longer lengths of time for a deep clean. When it is out of battery, HUVI auto-returns to charge. Now that’s what we call a photo finish. 
Smart Anti-Collision and Anti-Drop


None of us live in homes that are obstacle-free. Ledges, walls, and stairs often present a problem. Never fear, when it comes to HUVI there are no cliff-hangers, HUVI has a collision-avoidance system to avoid obstacles. 

HUVI’s intuitive navigation and all-terrain wheels ensure HUVI is anti-collision and anti-drop saving your walls of scuff marks. These all-terrain wheels also allow for easy maneuvering across carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, and more! 

Four Intelligent Cleaning Modes to Fit Your Needs


HUVI is also one smart robot vac. Its intelligent navigation system allows for auto-clean, spot clean, wall follow, and manual clean modes.
  1. In auto-clean mode, HUVI will start cleaning your floor in an automated fashion. 
  2. To thoroughly clean the edges of your room, select wall follow mode. In this mode, when HUVI detects a wall, it slows down, then follows the perimeter of the wall to thoroughly clean all the edges of your home. 
  3. For impromptu messes like spilled flour or coffee grounds, you’ll want to utilize HUVI’s spot mode. Just place HUVI in the area you’d like to clean. HUVI will then start cleaning in an outward spiral, vacuuming your floor in expanding circles to ensure a thorough clean. 
  4. To use HUVI manually, use the HUVI app on your smartphone as though it were a remote control. Navigate your HUVI wherever you want it to clean.
Clean Smarter With the HUVI App


Busy schedules mean a life lived on the go, go, go! HUVI allows you to clean smarter, not harder. Unlike other cordless vacuums, simply use your Google-Assistant devices and Amazon Alexa to schedule routine cleanings on your smartphone, even if you find yourself away from home. Forget stick vacuums, HUVI offers a hands-free clean and is always on standby, waiting to listen to your beautiful voice. Believe it or not, your HUVI cleans on command.

HUVI Robot Vacuum Quiet Mode


Apart from the fact that you’re perpetually short on time, one reason for not getting down to the task of vacuuming are the noise levels a vacuum cleaner can reach. In a world where quiet vacuum cleaners are at a premium, HUVI's whisper-quiet motor allows you to watch TV, keep the radio playing, and even clean right through nap time uninterrupted. Better yet, just schedule your HUVI to run at night!

HUVI Dual-Silicone Brushroll


Pet owners love their HUVI! HUVI’s dual-silicone brushroll is uniquely designed for easy removal of collected pet hair. Unlike other robot vacuums that get hair stuck on the brushroll, HUVI’s tangle-resistant technology helps manage hair wrap. 

Do you need to maintain the brushroll after use? A simple “brush up” with the HUVI dusting brush tool is all you need. Now you can send HUVI on its way to clean.

A Robot Vacuum With an Aroma Diffuser 


One of HUVI’s most novel features is its aroma diffuser. A soothing aroma diffuser offers the option to mist your home with your favorite essential oil as HUVI cleans. Your home should smell as clean — and as sanitized — as HUVI makes it!

If you are looking for the best robot vacuum 2021, look no further than the Kalorik Home HUVI Robot Vacuum. HUVI's standout elements include its "3 stages of clean," ultra-powerful pickup, its compatibility with Google Assistant-enabled devices and Amazon Alexa, quiet mode, and aroma diffuser.

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