Kalorik 4 Coffee Personality Types

For many of us, a cup of freshly brewed coffee sets the tone of our day. The mere aroma makes our mouths water, while the flavor leaves taste buds craving another sip. 

What and how you brew say a lot about you. Are you a practical, organized person, setting goals and following through to completion? Do you revel in life’s luxury, taking your time to enjoy each moment? Are you a social butterfly, fluttering about from one occasion to another? Or, are you a person who prefers to go about your day hard at work? 

Curious to know your coffee personality? Read on!

The Practical Percolator

Kalorik Coffee Makers

The practical percolator is a "no-fuss Gus" and a true creature of habit and routine. For these coffee lovers, it’s all about getting from point A to point B. If this is you, the simple auto-drip appliance is definitely a must-have. Enter the Kalorik Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker. Wake up every morning to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee, thanks to the auto-brew function. Simply add coffee grounds and water and let Kalorik handle the rest.
As a practical percolator, your go-to drink is a classic, no-frills cup of joe, and the Kalorik Programmable Coffee Maker coffee brews about 7 cups! The best part? The auto-pause function lets you remove the carafe and pour yourself a cup while your coffee is still brewing, without drips or spills, so you can savor every last sip. Morning multitasking just got sweeter!

The Stately Sipper

Kalorik Coffee Makers

The Stately Sipper: a true coffee connoisseur. If this is you, you realize the art of a good cup of coffee begins with the bean. Enter the Kalorik Coffee and Spice Grinder, more popularly known as your best friend in the kitchen. Grind fresh coffee beans to bold, full-bodied perfect with just one-touch, thanks to the high-performance blade, enhancing flavor and aroma for a tastier coffee experience in every sip.

Like a true artist, you strive for coffeehouse-like perfection, which is why you'll love the Kalorik Bartista. This 8-in-1 electric beverage maker delivers the bold, flavorful benefits of a French press, with the added sophistication of an all-out café. Make macchiatos, lattes, cold brew and more, all at the touch of one button and in the comfort of your kitchen. Froth milk to creamy perfection using the Kalorik Milk Frother, another vital tool in the Stately Sipper's collection. Because what's better than a cappuccino topped with a delightful dollop of foam, right? 

The Coffee Klatcher

Kalorik Coffee Makers

The phrase “coffee klatch” comes from the German word, “kaffeeklatsch,” which means coffee (kaffee) + gossip (klatsch). The coffee klatch and its attendee, the “coffee klatcher” were all the rage in 1950s America. While today’s coffee klatcher may not wear a beehive, the inner essence of this coffee drinker has not changed. You see, there’s nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee served with a side of gossip. The modern coffee klatcher’s must-have? Kalorik’s 10 Cup Retro Coffee Maker. Now that’s what we call a blast from the past! 
As a "Coffee Klatcher," you never underdeliver on impressing your guests. Your coffee go-to is a classic Dalgona, or whipped coffee. This coffee sensation is a must-try social trend, made easily with the Kalorik Cordless Electric Hand Mixer. Combine sugar, coffee and water, mixing until it turns silky smooth and the mixture holds a foamy shape. Then, fill your glass with ice, your milk of choice and a top with a dollop of your perfectly-prepared Dalgona coffee.

The Daily Grinder
Kalorik Coffee Makers
Short on time, but never on coffee—meet: the Daily Grinder. Opting for convenience above all else, this person lives for every hour saved. If this is you, you might skip the brew altogether and prepare an instant coffee. Enter the Kalorik Water Kettle. This powerful, 1500-watt electric kettle has a concealed heating element that boils water in minutes—faster than the stovetop and the microwave—all with the flip of a switch. Simply add sugar, milk or cream and enjoy your coffee on the go.

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