Kalorik® VIVID 
7 Quart Full Color Display Air Fryer

Kalorik® VIVID
7 Quart Full Color Display Air Fryer

FT 52333 SS

Transform the way you cook. The Kalorik® VIVID 7 Quart Air Fryer features a full-color display and intuitive touch selector navigation that eliminates guesswork. Clearly see on the screen what you want to cook and choose from 202 presets and 12 food categories. Select from multiple language and temperature settings, and breeze through cooking with easy-to-navigate controls. No more dusty manuals or trying to decipher vague, hard-printed symbols.

This smart air fryer automatically optimizes cooking time and settings based on food type, cut, weight, and whether it is fresh or frozen, ensuring precise results on each home-cooked meal. Easily set the language of your choice and personalize settings like choosing °F or °C temperature measurements.

A generous 7-quart capacity fits 2 lbs of frozen fries or nuggets, 6 servings of wings, 3 pork chops, 3 (4 oz) hamburger patties, or 3 (8 oz) salmon filets. Meanwhile, 400°F searing creates a crunchy, golden finish when desired. Also included are a crisper trivet, 2-in-1 grill & toasting rack, and silicone mat. The nonstick-coated basket and trivet are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Start cooking in color today!


Cook in Color

Say goodbye to old-school knobs, buttons, and hard to read symbols. With the VIVID Full-color display and intuitive touch select navigation just view the food you want to eat, select, and cook

202 Presets, 12 Categories

With 202 presets, 12 food categories, and colorful recipe guides that bring the future into your kitchen. Automatically adjusts settings based on food type, cut, weight, & fresh or frozen, for precise results


Multilingual: English, Spanish, French, Mandarin

Family Sized for Any Meal

Fits 2 lbs. frozen fries, 6 servings of wings, 3 pork chops, 3 (4oz) burgers, 3 (8oz) salmon pcs

Adjust for Idea Viewing

Stay in the loop with convenient shake reminders and ready alert. No more burnt surprises!


Switch between °F and °C temperature measurements effortlessly -and VIVID automatically adjusts from ounces to grams

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