VIVID Takes The Guesswork Out Of Air Frying

VIVID Takes The Guesswork Out Of Air Frying

From The Screen To Your Plate

VIVID is the first air fryer with a high definition, full-color screen. Review images of preset foods and select what you want to prepare, simply with the click of a button.

Get the results you want from any of the 202 smart programs, or customize your own cooking setting.

  • 12 food categories
  • Multi-Food Types
  • Customized portion sizes
  • Switch from C° to F° temperature


With more than half of the US market owning an air fryer, VIVID is the technology solution people are looking for because it combines easy-to-use and universal cooking features with a beautiful screen display.

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A Message From Our CEO

Kalorik® is committed to transforming the way we cook. Our superior Dream-ineering team has created the VIVID Product Line that brings the most advanced technologies & colors into our kitchens to support the pleasure of eating and simplify life.

“The future is here!” Kalorik brings the world and colors to our kitchens!

Uri Murad

Our Story

Established in Belgium in 1930, the Kalorik name has become synonymous with superior engineering and cutting-edge innovation. It was one of the first small appliance manufacturers in Europe to develop the electric toaster.

Since its inception, Kalorik's mission has been to engineer the latest groundbreaking technologies and make life and cooking faster, easier, and healthier for the modern man or woman. Nearly a century later, Kalorik remains at the forefront of innovation, evolving and adapting its products to fit ever-changing lifestyles.

In 2020, Kalorik celebrates 90 years of heritage. On this milestone anniversary, Kalorik continues to grow its legacy and invites you to discover some of its most exciting developments yet.