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12/5/2022 - 12/24/2022

Here's What you Win! 

Grill in, chill out, and enjoy outdoor BBQ flavor all year round. One lucky winner will receive the full Sizzle, Sear, & Slice collection "approximate $850.00 value". The collection is made up of two innovative indoor grills that brings the smoky taste of summertime cookouts into the comfort of your kitchen, while Kalorik Cobra professional chefs’ knives make meal prep effortless and slice through meats with ease.

Kalorik MAXX® Air Fryer Oven Grill
The first and only air fryer oven with innovative Smokeless Sear technology, an activated charcoal filter, and Precision Temperature Control. Combines the healthy, quick-cooking benefits of air frying and the great BBQ taste of outdoor grilling — in a single countertop oven. 

Kalorik® PRO 1500°F Electric Steakhouse Grill
Make 5-Star steakhouse dinners at home. Ceramic superheating elements and infrared technology reach a sizzling 1500°F to cook culinary-grade steaks in minutes. Achieve a crisp caramelized crust while sealing in juices and flavor.

Kalorik Cobra Professional Chefs’ Knives & Storage Block
Forged from premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel. Featuring superior cutting performance. Full tang and double riveted for balance, control, and durability. Unique “non-stick” effect on blades creates air pockets when slicing to make cutting quick and effortless. 

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