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Kalorik Black 2-in-1 S'mores Maker and Chocolate Melter

Do it all with the Black Kalorik 2-in1 S’mores Maker with Chocolate Fondue Function! The unit’s central, stainless steel heating element sits atop a base that features 4 removable storage compartments. Use the s’mores function to roast your marshmallows to perfection and make s’mores from the great indoors! Simply place your marshmallows on the ends of the stainless steel forks and hold them directly over the heating element. Use the melt function to melt chocolate in minutes, for fondue or homemade chocolate candy. Use the storage trays to hold fruits, cookies, pretzels, or other snacks. With the amazing Kalorik 2-in-1 S’mores Maker with Chocolate Fondue Function, you can experiment with different flavors, colors and recipes to make a variety of treats for the whole family!
-Double function: s'mores with chocolate fondue function
-Toast your mashmallow to perfection to get the perfect s'mores
-"Melt" function for an easy chocoalte fondue. Melt chocolate easily, for pastry making, chocolate fondue or chocolate candy.
-Removable 4-compartment tray, to place under the smore's maker and store marshmallows, crackers and chocolate bars
-Ideal to use inside the house
-3-position switch: Melt/Off/S'mores
-Stainless steel housing and top cover, with black spray color finish