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Red S'mores Maker

CYM 38524 R

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  • CYM 38524 R- Liifestyle
  • CYM 38524 R- Food
  • CYM 38524 R
Now the enjoyment of roasting marshmallows over an open campfire can be brought to the comfort of kitchens everywhere!  The Kalorik electric heating S‘mores Maker has a charming appeal and is ideal to use inside the house! Just add graham crackers and chocolate squares to make a delicious s'mores treat. S'mores are great conversation starters, and fun desserts for parties and special occasions!
• The ultimate party treat! Heat up your marshmallow, and create delicious s’mores for you and your friends
• The taste of summer, but indoors, and all year long!
• Includes serving tray with 4 compartments to prepare and serve the marshmallows, chocolate bars and Graham crackers
• Includes 4 forks to heat the marshmallows
• Stainless steel housing and top cover
• Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 4

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